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Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting - HLTAID004

Continuous Learning

$100 per person

Course duration: 5 Hours

This course is an accredited course.  Triple A First Aid  is a Training Partner of Rich River First Aid Training Pty Ltd  RTO 40990.



  • This course requires a current First Aid Certificate which is less than 2 years old.

  • Current First Aid Certificate required that is less than 2 years old.  If course previously completed

  • with RRFA certificate information can be confirmed without copy of certificate but if completed by

  • Another company a copy of current certificate will be required

Course duration

  • 5 hour Course annually which covers full course over 3 years.

  • CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis completed annually plus 1 section each year as follows


  Purpose, outline, assessment

  CPR – completed every year

  1. Locate and identify workplace policies and procedures

  2. Conduct a hazard assessment

  3. Demonstrate safe manual handling techniques

  4. Assess Airway, breathing and circulation

  5. Perform CPR

  6. Use an automated external defibrillator (AED)

  7. Conduct a verbal secondary survey

  8. Completion of incident, injury, trauma and illness record

  9. Complete a verbal report of incident


  1. Asthma in the workplace

  2. Asthma in Sport Asthma 

  3. Asthma in child care

  4. Asthma in schools

  5. Occupational asthma



  1. Purpose, outline, assessment

  2. Anaphylaxis Awareness

       o   Anaphylaxis Medications

       o   Anaphylaxis Delivery Devices

       o   Anaphylaxis First Aid


  Part 1

  1. Manage allergic reactions

  2. Manage anaphylaxis

  3. Manage respiratory distress/asthma

  4. Management of cardiac arrest


  Part 2

  1. Control severe bleeding

  2. Manage burns

  3. Management of choking and airway obstruction

  4. Management of poisoning

  5. Management of shocked patient 



  1. Management of fractures, sprains and strains

  2. Management of head injuries

Cost:     $100.00 p.p.

Other conditions:

  • Participants younger than 14 years may attend the course but will  not be eligible to receive an accredited Statement of Attainment.

  • It is recommended that participants have literacy and numeracy competencies equivalent to National Reporting System (NRS) Level 2:  If you require any assistance with any special needs, reading, writing or interpreting services please contact Triple A First  Aid prior to the course so that we can arrange assistance if required.

  • Please note that there is a requirement to complete practical CPR component.  on the floor.  We can provide you with assistance to get up and down but you must be able to complete this component of the assessment to be marked as competent overall. 

  • Please advise trainer if you need special assistance .

  • Mode of delivery is onsite learning with written and practical assessments.

  • Triple A  First Aid and Rich River First Aid is responsible for compliance of training aid assessment

  • Triple A  First Aid and Rich River first aid is responsible for issuance of AQF certification documentation

  • Prework component is required electronically or by completing the printed Prework book.  This component is to ensure that there is a basic understanding of First Aid Principals before attending the course.  There is no pass rate for attendance for this component as all questions in the Prework book will be reviewed in the course and you will be given the opportunity to review your answers and correct them after the course is complete.

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